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Ex-Governors to Pharmacists: Engage in Your State’s Political Process to Shape Medicaid, Health Reform

By Kevin Schweers

Two respected, former Governors spoke fondly this week of their first-hand experience with the services of independent community pharmacists and urged pharmacists to take an active, solution-oriented role in the political process to help preserve patient access to community pharmacies. Continue reading ‘Ex-Governors to Pharmacists: Engage in Your State’s Political Process to Shape Medicaid, Health Reform’

Pharmacy Has Paid Their Fair Share

By John Coster

As the November 23 deadline approaches for the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction to identify $1.2 trillion in savings over the next decade, its members are faced with an unenviable task. However, as these lawmakers seek new budget cuts, they should not overlook the fact that small business community pharmacies have given their fair share over the last several years.

Continue reading ‘Pharmacy Has Paid Their Fair Share’

Lewin Group/PBMs’ Medicaid Pharmacy Report Misses the Mark; Recommendations Threaten Patient Health and Access

By John Norton

In business or politics, endorsements from impartial sources can lend the credibility of third-party validation. Conversely, attempts to buy or manufacture third-party validation can fall flat. Such is the case with a recent white paper funded by the big pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), apparently intended to further inflate their windfall profits, while harming Medicaid patients and local communities.

Continue reading ‘Lewin Group/PBMs’ Medicaid Pharmacy Report Misses the Mark; Recommendations Threaten Patient Health and Access’

More Pharmacy Talk with the Feds

By Kevin Schweers

Top Democrats and Republicans in Congress and other senior federal officials shared their views on issues affecting pharmacy, during the second day of NCPA’s 2010 National Legislation and Government Affairs Conference.

Continue reading ‘More Pharmacy Talk with the Feds’

A New Approach to Medicaid Reimbursement for Pharmacists

By Kevin Schweers

Community pharmacists and state Medicaid directors are watching a pair of state plan amendments Alabama is expected to propose soon to the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. 

Continue reading ‘A New Approach to Medicaid Reimbursement for Pharmacists’

Roberts: Progress Made; More Battles Ahead; and Adherence is Critical

By Kevin Schweers

Health care reform included several provisions to help community pharmacists help their patients, but pharmacists are in no position to sit on the sidelines now that the bill has become law, Bruce T. Roberts, RPh, said in his final address to NCPA’s Legislation and Government Affairs Conference this week. Continue reading ‘Roberts: Progress Made; More Battles Ahead; and Adherence is Critical’

Medicaid News in the States

By John Coster, RPh., Ph.D.

Economic downturns like the current one produce a double-whammy for federal and state Medicaid budgets: enrollment in the program grows as there’s less money to pay for it. That means more potential for provider reimbursement cuts – something NCPA is trying hard to avoid. Pharmacies can simply not withstand any more Medicaid reimbursement cuts, especially in light of last year’s AWP rollback. Here’s a rundown of some related state activity NCPA’s monitoring, along with federal efforts. Continue reading ‘Medicaid News in the States’

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