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Medicare “Preferred Pharmacy” Drug Plans Fail Rural America

By Kevin Schweers

While Medicare officials unfortunately put aside for now their proposal to allow “any willing pharmacy” to serve as a “preferred pharmacy” in Medicare Part D drug plans, the shortcomings of these plans continue to be readily apparent.

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NCPA Ads Support Medicare Proposed Rule’s Key Provisions

By Kevin Schweers

To advance the pro-patient, pro-pharmacist provisions contained in Medicare’s proposed Part D rule, the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) has launched an advertisement campaign in Washington media outlets this week, in conjunction with a House subcommittee hearing.

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Georgia Congressman Once Again Raises Concerns with CMS Over Preferred Networks, Now it is Your Turn

By Michael Rule, Associate Director of Public Affairs and Grassroots Advocacy

Georgia Congressman Lynn Westmoreland recently sent a follow up letter to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to raise concerns over preferred networks in Medicare Part D, particularly the fact that independent community pharmacies are often not afforded the opportunity to participate. The letter highlights that many Part D beneficiaries rely on the face-to-face counseling and the in-person services provided by independent community pharmacists. Furthermore, his letter notes that independent community pharmacies serve traditionally underserved urban and rural communities where access to care is at a premium. Continue reading ‘Georgia Congressman Once Again Raises Concerns with CMS Over Preferred Networks, Now it is Your Turn’

Grassroots Efforts Yield Successes in 2013: Keep it up in 2014

By Michael Rule, Associate Director of Grassroots and Public Affairs

From a grassroots perspective, 2013 should be a year that is long remembered by pharmacists. Due to pharmacist engagement, independent community pharmacists achieved pro-patient, pro-pharmacist successes at both the state and federal level and continued to build relationships with legislators through hosting pharmacy visits. Continue reading ‘Grassroots Efforts Yield Successes in 2013: Keep it up in 2014′

Supporting #PharmacyChoice for Patients

By Stephanie DuBois, Associate Director, Marketing Communications

Community pharmacists rallied on social media the week of Jan. 13-17, 2014 to highlight the negative impact that exclusive Medicare Part D preferred pharmacy networks have on patients and community pharmacies. Through more than 100 phone calls and emails to Capitol Hill and hundreds of tweets and Facebook posts (using the hashtag #pharmacychoice), we continued to spread our message to patients, health care providers, and elected officials that “preferred” pharmacy networks are not always a cheaper or better option for patients and taxpayers. In fact, tweeters using the #pharmacychoice hashtag made more than 289,000 impressions on Twitter last week alone.

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Just the Facts Ma’am – Star Ratings Edition

Joe FridayBy Kurt A. Proctor, Ph.D., RPh, NCPA Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

If Joe Friday asked me about Medicare star ratings, here is what I would say…

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NCPA Supports Bill to Save Medicare Funds by Reducing Medication Waste

By Kevin Schweers

NCPA recently wrote to Congress to express its formal support for legislation that would help ensure Medicare receives the full benefits of a new policy to reduce medication waste by having pharmacies dispense smaller amounts of prescription drugs to long term care (LTC) residents.

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Congressman’s Letter Adds to Concerns about “Preferred Pharmacy” Medicare Drug Plans

Significant Congressional concern continues regarding patient and pharmacist complaints about “preferred network” drug plans in the Medicare Part D benefit, judging by a recent letter sent by U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) to Medicare.

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Congress’ August Recess Provides Opportunities to Promote Common Sense Policy

By Michael Rule, Associate Director of Public Affairs and Grassroots Advocacy

Congress recently adjourned for its annual August recess. During this five week period, Senators and Representatives will be spending much time at home, touring the state or district and listening to constituents. For independent community pharmacists, this presents a tremendous opportunity to educate members of Congress on the role you play in the healthcare system and in your communities, and on the patient services you provide. This is also an opportunity to advocate for common sense reforms regarding abusive audits by pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) and to seek reversal of a CMS rule regarding home delivery diabetes test supplies (DTS). You also can educate elected officials on the unintended consequences of some legislative efforts regarding pharmacy compounding.

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Lawmaker Touts Community Pharmacies in Congressional Remarks

By Kevin Schweers

Before Congress adjourned for its August recess, Congressional Community Pharmacy Caucus member and U.S. Rep. Dave Loebsack (D-Iowa), reasserted his support for independent community pharmacies and their role helping patients and contributing to the local economy.

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