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LA Times runs must-read series on pharmacists’ critical role in health care

By John Norton

LA Times reporter Karen Ravn has written three articles about pharmacists who because of their accessibility can play a vital role improving the health of patients in ways that physicians often can’t, that have the clinical training to help patients maximize the health benefits of their medications, and offer medication therapy management services which helps Medicare Part D patients taking multiple medications for multiple ailments. NCPA has consistently been emphasizing these points as was the case in a op-ed written by our executive vice president and CEO, Bruce Roberts.

CBO Contradicts PBMs on Transparency

By Devin Stone

NCPA has consistently been a champion of transparency measures for pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), because such legislation is necessary to reduce the incentive for PBMs to engage in actions that are detrimental to plan sponsors, patients, and community pharmacies.

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Texas-Sized Troubles for CVS Caremark

By Kevin Schweers

Last week we highlighted an extraordinary TV exposé on CVS Caremark abuses resulting from the mega-merger of retail pharmacy chain CVS with pharmacy benefit manager Caremark. Last night, a Houston TV station upped the ante with a remarkable 5+ minute story on the problems the merger produced in the Lone Star State.

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Tuesday’s Reads: Profiles in Community Pharmacy; New Drug Safety Approach Proposed

By Kevin Schweers

Community pharmacists are important pillars in the health care network and in their local area. Massachusetts and Minnesota news outlets profile two such individuals. A new approach to post-market drug safety is proposed. And Dow Jones and others report on the call by NCPA and several consumer and privacy groups for a federal investigation into alleged patient privacy violations by CVS Caremark.

Excerpts of and links to these stories are available below: Continue reading ‘Tuesday’s Reads: Profiles in Community Pharmacy; New Drug Safety Approach Proposed’

Monday’s Reads: CVS Caremark Privacy Issues; Caterpillar Adds Independents; Adherence Tool Used in NH; 2010 Retail Pharmacy Outlook

NCPA and several consumer and privacy groups are asking the feds to investigate alleged privacy violations by CVS Caremark. Read more here.

Caterpillar, Inc. adds some independent pharmacies back to its network for 2010. The My Dose Alert adherence program is winning over customers at two New Hampshire pharmacies. An analyst offers predictions on the 2010 outlook for retail pharmacies. And USA TODAY publishes NCPA’s response to a misleading Tamiflu story.

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Some Community Pharmacists Cry Foul on CVS Caremark Discount Program

By Kevin Schweers

You may have missed an interesting column this week in the Journal newspaper of Winston-Salem, NC. In it, a local columnist examines questions raised by Dave Marley of Marley Drug about a discount program CVS Caremark is running and the local city council will consider the issue in January. Here are some key excerpts:

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Independent Pharmacist of the Year

By Kevin Schweers

When you consider all the contributions independent pharmacists make in this country, it’s never easy choosing just one to recognize for his or her exemplary leadership and commitment to independent pharmacy and to the community. Still, this year one stood out and his story is worth hearing (or hearing again).

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