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Commoditizing Pharmacy, Commoditizing Adherence

By Devin Stone

Ever since the groundbreaking work of Dr. J Lyle Bootman in 1997 there has been a wide array of literature documenting the impact of inappropriate prescription drug use on overall health care costs.  One standard consensus in the literature is that prescription drugs are a valuable form of treatment that helps improve patient health.  Failure to use these medications appropriately may cause the patient’s health to deteriorate, leading to the need for more costly forms of treatment such as hospitalizations or a visit to the emergency room.
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CVS Caremark to Congress: We’re Not That Bad!

It was recently reportedthat CVS Caremark spent $2.1 million lobbying the White House and Congress in the fourth quarter of 2009 alone. Presumably its lobbyists have been bombarding government officials with meeting requests, phone calls and emails like this one.

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