New 112th Congress: Meet America’s Independent Community Pharmacies

The start of the 112th Congress this month brought about 100 new lawmakers to the U.S. Senate and House. Many of them may have longstanding relationships with independent pharmacists from back home. Others may not be so familiar with us and how we can help achieve better health outcomes at lower costs.

On Capitol Hill, we’re fortunate to have one visible independent in Grubb’s CARE Pharmacy just blocks from the Capitol building. But as a whole, the Washington pharmacy market tends to be heavy on national chains.

So NCPA’s taking this opportunity to introduce independents to the Congress and other newly elected officials. Part of that effort is a flier that offers an overview of the industry, accompanied by a U.S. map that lists independent community pharmacies by state. The text of that flier follows below. If your independent pharmacy or organization would like a copy for use with local officials, employers or other health providers, contact NCPA.

Community Pharmacists Welcome the 112th Congress

Independent Community Pharmacies:

Backbone of the Medicare and Medicaid Drug Benefits… and an Economic Engine in Your Community

Neighborhood independent community pharmacies across America provide cost-saving health care services—such as expert medication counseling and management, immunizations and diabetes education—to millions of Americans every day. We also create valuable jobs and tax revenues in your local community.

• The nation’s 23,000 independent pharmacies provide about 40% of all prescriptions dispensed.

• Independent pharmacies control costs by promoting lower-cost generic drugs, dispensing them far more often than out of state mail order pharmacies.

• The average independent pharmacy derives virtually all of its revenue (93%) from sales of prescriptions and health care products, about half from Medicare and Medicaid prescriptions.

• We employ 315,000 people in small towns and communities across the country.

When you’re back home, drop in to see us. We live where you do.

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