NCPA Recognizes Independent Community Pharmacists and Their Positive Patient Outcomes

This past January, NCPA launched a new feature on our website entitled the Community Pharmacist Spotlight. Since its inception, a different NCPA member has been featured each month with the intent of promoting the important role independent community pharmacists play in the health care system.

Whether it is increased medication adherence, working with patients and their doctors to reduce prescription costs, or identifying a condition that was missed by other health care professionals, there are many positive patient outcomes that result from face-to-face consultation with an independent community pharmacist.

Thus far, the spotlight has featured four pharmacists of differing backgrounds and geography but who all are united in their desire to serve their patients. For example, Nasir Mahmood of Pine Plains Pharmacy in New York shared a story of how he was the only pharmacy open on Christmas when a patient came in with an emergency. The patient turned out to be a New York City Judge who was looking for medication for his daughter. The judge was so impressed with the service, that he had all of his medications transferred to Pine Plains Pharmacy.

Additionally, an example of adherence was shared by Joe Moose of Moose Pharmacy in North Carolina. To increase patient adherence, Mr. Moose works with the doctors of select patients to achieve refill synchronization. With refill synchronization, each of these patients have all of their prescriptions filled on the same day of the month allowing them to get all of their medications in one visit. Refill synchronization is also the key tenet to NCPA’s adherence initiative, Simplify My Meds.

These are just two of the many examples that have been shared by pharmacists in the online questionnaire and speak to the accessibility of independent community pharmacists and their role in promoting proper prescription adherence. These services are sought out by patients and are a primary reason that patients join Fight4RX, NCPA’s patient focused grassroots initiative.

NCPA will continue to spotlight member pharmacists to demonstrate the important role independent pharmacists play in the community. Please complete the online questionnaire if you are interested in being featured in a future spotlight.

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