“Excuse Me, But I Think You Left Some Money on the Floor.”

By Gabe Trahan, Senior Director of Store Operations and Marketing

(@ncpagabe on Twitter)

I was nineteen years old when I asked my wife to marry me. Shortly after she said yes, I gathered my lifesavings of two hundred dollars and together we drove to Freeman’s Jewelry Store.

I didn’t have a wallet so I carried one hundred dollar bill in each of my front pockets. My thinking was that if someone picked my pocket they would only get half of my life savings.

While we were shopping, I constantly checked my pockets for the safety of the precious one-hundred dollar bills because they would be my deposit. When the choice was made and we went to the counter, I had planned to proudly slap two one-hundred dollar bills on the glass counter. I had only one. I panicked—my first act as a fiancé was to lose half of my life savings.

From seemingly out of nowhere, a woman dressed in a mink stole walked over to me and said, “Excuse me, but I think you left some money on the floor.” Then, as if she was leaving me a tip, she palmed my hand with the wrinkled hundred dollar bill, smiled (I still see that smile), and walked away. She said “left”, not “dropped.”

What a curious way of stating it. Perhaps she was trying to save my dignity.

Have you ever left money on the floor? Has anyone ever found it and given it back to you?

If you are an owner of independent community pharmacy, you most likely have left money on the sales floor. I would like to give it back to you as someone once did for me.

In today’s crazy insurance market, every square foot of your store has to give you a return on your investment. So it is more important than ever to have a strong front-end.

Just ask Wayne Myers, PharmD of Norland Avenue Pharmacy in Chambersburg, PA. He already does the near impossible by making a measurable profit with his gift department, and Front-End Overhaul helped him find more. In a recent email to me, he said, “Hey Gabe, we set a record for gift sales in August …$9,700+…usually only November or December breaks $9k!”

Join me on Friday, October 12, 2012 in San Diego to learn how at the Build Store Traffic, Build Profits: Front-End Overhaul One Day Intensive seminar. We’ll have a full day of sharing money-finding business practices that will help you make your store shine from the inside out.

Those who attend will return to their store well-versed in the art of merchandising, marketing, pricing strategies, private label promotion, gift buying, product placement, inventory control, effective signage, creating a home health safety and comfort center, designing a diabetic support center and building end-caps that sell merchandise. Come and you will become a front-end expert.

You are leaving money on the sales floor; I’ll help you pick it up.

Click here to register. Bring as many as employees as you like—as long as you are an NCPA member, your staff is welcome to join us. You will make up the cost on the first day back.

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