NCPA Reviews 2012 in Annual Report

By Kevin Schweers

Before turning the calendar to 2013, NCPA staff recently looked back at some of the association’s efforts in furtherance of its independent community pharmacy members and their patients. Some of the more significant efforts were chronicled in a recently published, executive-summary style annual report.

NCPA’s efforts are guided by the pursuit of strategic priorities adopted by its board. Those are as follows:

  1. Independent community pharmacies are recognized/valued as part of health care solutions
  2. Public policy and legislation are favorable to the practice of Independent Community Pharmacy
  3. Barriers to success in the practice of Independent Community Pharmacy are mitigated
  4. Members have skills, knowledge and resources to better serve patients and be successful
  5. Members receive exclusive discounts and benefits

Reflecting those goals, the report is organized around each individual priority.

Some highlights from the report include are shared below and all are made possibly by NCPA members and supporters. Happy holidays!

  • At three Congressional hearings, NCPA testified on behalf of all independent community pharmacists. NCPA also led Congressional staff briefings on pharmacy issues, in conjunction with the bipartisan Community Pharmacy Caucus. In addition, NCPA members held 40+ pharmacy visits with members of Congress in 2012.
  • In response to the tragic meningitis outbreak, NCPA has worked constructively with FDA, Congress, states and the media to preserve access to traditional compounding while rooting out any entities manufacturing under the guise of compounding.
  • In the states, NCPA authored model state legislation on PBM transparency, PBM audit reform, MAC pricing transparency, anti-mandatory mail order, and more. PBM audit reform legislation passed in 11 states: Alabama, California, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi South Carolina, Utah and Vermont. Pennsylvania successfully passed legislation to prohibit the use of mandatory mail order.
  • NCPA continued its vision of improving medication adherence (and health outcomes) through its Pharmacists Advancing Medication Adherence (PAMA) initiative. Currently, more than 500 pharmacies are providing coordinated refill services to more than 10,000 patients through NCPA’s Simplify My Meds™ program
  • The NCPA Front-End Overhaul member service program has provided over 3,000 NCPA members with targeted information on front end merchandising, store floor plan and layout advice.
  • NCPA was quoted or referenced 500+ times in media outlets advocating for independent community pharmacies and their patients. In addition to working with the leading pharmacy trade publications, NCPA staff worked with many national new organizations.

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