Pharmacists’ Expanding Health Care Role Featured on a Big Stage

By Kevin Schweers

Stop and take a moment to read “Nation’s pharmacies aren’t just for Rx’s anymore”, because it’s not every day that a media outlet the size of features a detailed account of how the role of community pharmacists is expanding and producing better health outcomes.

ArouchanovaIn the article an independent community pharmacist (and NCPA member) named Diana Arouchanova of CliniCare Pharmacy is profiled by Kaiser Health News, which produces stories like this which are further shared though a syndication agreement with media outlets like

Diana is a wonderful representative for all community pharmacists. She articulates and exhibits how pharmacists can use their training and expertise to help patients overcome health challenges, in close coordination with primary care physicians. That latter point is driven home effectively by an American Pharmacists Association official in the piece.

One of Diana’s patients attests to the more personal care and attention that she receives from an independent community pharmacy, compared to other options. The story notes how she even pops in regularly to just to chat personally with the pharmacist.

None of this is likely to surprise most independent community pharmacists. But it’s a story worth sharing with their colleagues and patients. Hopefully this is also a signal of greater acknowledgement of the enhanced services of community pharmacists and a precursor to more state and federal laws such as the one recently enacted in California.

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