NCPA Ads Support Medicare Proposed Rule’s Key Provisions

By Kevin Schweers

To advance the pro-patient, pro-pharmacist provisions contained in Medicare’s proposed Part D rule, the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) has launched an advertisement campaign in Washington media outlets this week, in conjunction with a House subcommittee hearing.

The first ad, entitled “Detour”, features a cartoon depicting a confused patient who is directed by a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) to a Big Box pharmacy, despite his preference to use an independent community pharmacy.

Medicare Ad

The ad closes by asking the following questions and urging the reader’s support:

  • Shouldn’t seniors be allowed to use an independent pharmacy willing to accept “preferred pharmacy” pricing terms?
  • Shouldn’t Medicare seniors be protected from having to travel 20 miles or more to reach a preferred pharmacy?
  • Shouldn’t exclusive, sweetheart deals between Big Box pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs)—that are often RAISING Medicare costs—be replaced with more pharmacy competition and choice?

The second ad, entitled “Prescription”, describes independent community pharmacists’ support for key provisions in the proposed rule, including “any willing provider” to allow community pharmacies to accept “preferred pharmacy” contract terms and conditions (including reimbursement); an expansion of medication therapy management (MTM) eligibility; and more level co-pays between retail pharmacies and mail order.

The “Prescription” ad concludes by noting that these provisions of the proposed rule will lead to happier senior constituents and more satisfied independent pharmacists, who contribute greatly to the local economies in Congressional Districts.

Both ads direct readers to a new page on NCPA’s website— It features more information and details on how consumers and community pharmacists can take action.

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