Pharmacists Tweet, Share, and Inspire During 2nd Annual #Pharmacist Tweet-a-Thon

By Stephanie DuBois, Director, Marketing Communications

Even though American Pharmacists Month draws to a close today, our message about the positive impact that pharmacists have on their patients, communities, and health care will continue to ring loud and clear throughout the year.

Tweet a Thon!There is no better time to talk about and document the vast services pharmacists provide than right now. With more patients having access to health coverage and chronic conditions demanding more and more attention, pharmacists are primed to take an even greater role in delivering certain health services to patients in all types of settings.

Many individuals are unaware of the varied services pharmacists can provide, so earlier this month, the members of 52 pharmacy organizations across the country and across the globe (from as far away as Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand) joined together on Twitter to share their unique stories of helping patients.

Thanks to their efforts and stories, the second annual #Pharmacist tweet-a-thon on Thursday, Oct. 2 generated more than 11,100 tweets in one day alone about the positive impact that pharmacists have on patients’ health, beating last year’s record of 7,100 tweets. Using the hashtag #Pharmacist, pharmacists in all types of practices described an action or two they took recently to help a patient. In fact, these tweets helped #Pharmacist become the No. 1 trending health care hashtag on Oct. 2! Here are just a few of the many inspiring tweets we saw during the tweet-a-thon:

  • “Did a medication take back day at senior center for expired/unused medications #Pharmacist” – ‏@WaltersPharmacy
  • “‏Saved a cash-paying patient over $200 on one prescription by working with his physician to get him a cheaper alternative #Pharmacist” – @MarbleCityPharm
  • “I will never forget when an Alzheimer’s patient found her way to the pharmacy. Her family was so grateful we kept her safe. #pharmacist” – @rx_lauren
  • “‏I made a “chocolate milk mix” compound of several drugs & nutrients for a child w/ mitochondrial disease-easier to dose & take! #pharmacist” – @LRiley84
  • “I’ll call an interpreter, use sign language etc until the patient understands and repeats it back to me #Pharmacist” – @lolapharmd
  • “‏Offering our #diabetic patients custom shoe fittings to ensure the best possible health for their feet! #pharmacist” – @PharmaHealth_P
  • “‏Gave a new grandpa pertussis vaccine!#pharmacist” – @DrAllyRP
  • “‏Showed pt and their spouse how to use their new EpiPen (using a trainer) after pt had 1st time allergic rxn to beesting #Pharmacist” – @EMpharmgirl

Patients, too, joined in the tweeting action and shared how their pharmacist helped them, whether it was receiving a flu shot from their local pharmacist or getting answers to their medication questions.

No matter the story, pharmacists are making a difference in the lives of their patients—sometimes simply by providing a smile, as @baneez tweeted: “Putting smiles on people’s faces, just by being friendly #pharmacist.”

We hope you’ll join with other pharmacists, pharmacy students, health care providers, and patients next year for the 3rd annual #Pharmacist tweet-a-thon in early October and continue sharing your positive pharmacist/patient stories on social media.

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