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PBM Lobbyist’s Testimony Helps Make Case for Greater MAC Scrutiny

By Michael Rule

During recent testimony before the Florida House Health Innovation Subcommittee, a representative for Express Scripts, the nation’s largest Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM), testified that there are 2,000 brand name drugs with no generic alternative, subject to maximum allowable costs (MAC) pricing. (Video available here, Express Scripts Testimony Starts at the 59:40 mark)

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Pharmacists More Satisfied, Confident in Care Provided at Independent Community Pharmacies, Survey Finds

By Kevin Schweers

Pharmacists who practice in an independent community pharmacy are significantly more satisfied with their work and far less likely to say that workload issues negatively impact the quality of patient care, compared to their counterparts in national chain and mass merchant settings, according to the first National Pharmacist Workforce Survey in five years.

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2014 National Pharmacist Workforce Survey: Transformation of the Pharmacy Profession Continues

By John Norton

Concerns with health care spending continue to fuel the search to find better ways of delivering care. The slow, but steady health care transformation has only accelerated with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Pharmacists, who have traditionally been underutilized, are efficient and cost-effective professionals uniquely positioned to assist with the ongoing changes in the marketplace.

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Pharmacy Closures With A Twist

By John Norton

The National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) tracks newspaper articles about independent community pharmacy closings to follow why such pharmacies close. The reasons are often related to the challenges community pharmacies face often due to predatory business tactics of largely unregulated pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs). Currently topping the lists of reasons are PBM reimbursements for generic prescription drugs that fail to keep up with spiking acquisition costs and exclusionary Medicare Part D “preferred pharmacy” plans.

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That Man Behind the Curtain? Pay No Attention

By Kevin Schweers

Confusion and complexity are arguably critical to how pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are so profitable. Perhaps it should come as no surprise that those methods are also integral to their most recent efforts to thwart pro-patient, pro-pharmacist policies.

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Community Pharmacists Are Also Environmentalists

By Stephanie DuBois, Director, Marketing Communications

When you think of a pharmacist, the word “environmentalist” may not immediately come to mind, but those two words are synonymous when it comes to proper medication disposal. For years, pharmacists have been counseling patients not only on how and when to take their medications, but also on how to dispose of any leftover meds safely. From start to finish, pharmacists are there to help you with your prescription drug regimen, and community pharmacists continue to lead the charge when it comes to offering patients a safe, reliable resource for medication disposal through the Dispose My Meds™ program.

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Southern California Pharmacists Expanding Their Role

By John Norton

An intriguing example of how pharmacist-driven pilot programs are helping to reinvent health care is contained in the Los Angeles Times’ article by Soumya Karlamangla called “Pharmacists try a more personal approach to treatment”. Continue reading ‘Southern California Pharmacists Expanding Their Role’

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