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Grassroots Efforts Yield Successes in 2013: Keep it up in 2014

By Michael Rule, Associate Director of Grassroots and Public Affairs

From a grassroots perspective, 2013 should be a year that is long remembered by pharmacists. Due to pharmacist engagement, independent community pharmacists achieved pro-patient, pro-pharmacist successes at both the state and federal level and continued to build relationships with legislators through hosting pharmacy visits. Continue reading ‘Grassroots Efforts Yield Successes in 2013: Keep it up in 2014’

Community Pharmacy Compounding Preserved Under Newly Approved Legislation, Senators Say

By Kevin Schweers

Before the U.S. Senate approved new compounding legislation, senators made statements clarifying for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that the bill essentially preserves state board of pharmacy authority over the typical compounding work done by independent community pharmacies.

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Meningitis Outbreak Prompts Confusion About Compounding Pharmacies

By Kevin Schweers

The tragic meningitis cases that have been reported in six states have prompted some to question the role of compounding pharmacists in the U.S. health care system. Outside of pharmacy circles, the intricacies of compounding customized prescription medication treatments for individual patient needs may be little known and easily misunderstood. Traditional pharmacy compounding offers many benefits, including improving health outcomes and lowering medical costs for patients, and is fundamentally different from the now-suspended operation at the New England Compounding Center suspected to be the source of the meningitis outbreak.

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I Don’t Take Third-Parties…

By: IACP’s Executive Vice President & CEO David Miller, RPh

That phrase starts a conversation I hear from IACP members several times every day.

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