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Lights, Camera, Action…..Prescriptions?

By John Norton

The public perception of pharmacists is changing. The antiquated notion of pharmacist only dispensing pills is consistently belied by the experience of their patients. Slowly but surely the public is becoming aware of the variety of services pharmacists offer that can help improve health outcomes and reduce cost. This shifting perception has occurred even before the possible passage and enactment of paradigm-shifting legislation recognizing pharmacists as providers.

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NCPA Input Shows in Medicare Preferred Network Disclaimer Requirements

pharmacistAbout one month after proposing disclosure language that Medicare Part D drug plans must use in marketing to beneficiaries, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) published final disclaimer language that sponsors must include in any marketing materials for 2016 plans that provide inadequate access to discounted copays at “preferred” pharmacies. Continue reading ‘NCPA Input Shows in Medicare Preferred Network Disclaimer Requirements’

NCPA Offers Right Prescription For Chronic Care Reform

pharmacistLast month the U.S. Senate Finance Committee launched a bipartisan working group to consider policy changes in how Medicare treats chronic conditions and requested that stakeholders provide their proposals. Continue reading ‘NCPA Offers Right Prescription For Chronic Care Reform’

States Take the Lead In Making Med Synchronization Easier

adherencePart of the popularity of medication synchronization programs like Simplify My Meds® (SMM) stems from the time patients save by going from making multiple trips to the pharmacy to refill prescriptions to one trip each month. Continue reading ‘States Take the Lead In Making Med Synchronization Easier’

A Comprehensive Look at the Impact of Rising Generic Prices

By John Norton

Elsevier Clinical Solutions recently issued a white paper, “The Impact of Rising Generic Drug Prices on the U.S. Drug Supply Chain,” based on a survey measuring the attitudes of stakeholders throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain. The second paragraph details how rising generic prescription drug prices impact everyone: Continue reading ‘A Comprehensive Look at the Impact of Rising Generic Prices’

ABC News Reports on Generic Prescription Drug Price Spikes

By John Norton

The National Community Pharmacists Association’s (NCPA) advocacy efforts are predicated on having government play a more active role in fostering a marketplace that allows all businesses to compete on a level playing field. As a result of their sheer size, big businesses will always have some natural, built-in advantages. But when the regulatory environment also favors these giant corporations, small businesses like independent community pharmacies have an uphill climb to remain financially viable. Continue reading ‘ABC News Reports on Generic Prescription Drug Price Spikes’

NCPA Urges Clear Disclosure on “Preferred Pharmacy” Access Limitations

By Kevin Schweers

NCPA expressed strong support in comments submitted to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for a new requirement that Medicare prescription drug plan sponsors provide clear disclosure to beneficiaries when prescription drug plans that advertise “preferred cost sharing” (access to lower co-pays) fail to meet minimum access thresholds in certain geographic areas.

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